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PicturePrfct is a platform that connects photographers, videographers, and photo and video editors - with people looking to hire for their services.


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Search Filters

Set specific filters to find professionals by location, cost, service, or event-type.



Know when the other party has arrived so the proceedings can begin smoothly.


Event Reminders

Get alerted when important dates are drawing near to prepare for them.



Leave & peruse ratings and reviews to help find your professional and boost their business! Professionals, earn perks & rewards for consistently delivering high customer satisfaction!

Why Choose PicturePrfct

Being a photographer is no easy feat. Professionals use up a lot of their own money, time, and effort to buy, capture, and edit events. The creative process deserves to be rewarded in the form of a marketplace where they are represented and can be approached.

At PicturePrfct, users can showcase their portfolio, their work experience, and shining reviews to amass a steady client base. This way, these artistic professionals waste less time hoping to secure work through word of mouth and extensive marketing endeavors.

In the same way, people looking to hire a photographer or a videographer can find exactly the kind of skills and services they are looking for on the dates they prefer. With a large pool of choices, users can take their pick by communicating with all of them and coming to an agreement with the one who is a perfect match for what they are looking for.

More than Just a “Smile Please!”

The PicturePrfct app focuses heavily on its unique features. The app is not only designed to be navigable and intuitive but also made to prioritize features that photographers and clients can actually utilize.

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    Escrow Feature

    Withhold funds on the platform until you are satisfied with the professional job.

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    Calendar Integration

    Every successful assigned job is marked automatically to your calendar so you do not forget.

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    Secure Payment

    The PicturePrfect platform is completely secure and users can both make and receive payments without worry directly from the platform.


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